Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Gabriela's Moon, a short short story

By Claudia Ricci
She is lying here, a fallen angel, in a foot of fresh snow.  It is dark.  The middle of the night.  She has landed right in her own backyard, out near the row of pines.  See her arms and legs, akimbo.
She is watching the sky.  Waiting.  There are stars galore, the sky splattered.  But she is waiting for something more.
The email said, “Tonight will see the first full moon coincide with the winter solstice in 6000 years.  The last time this happened, Moses went up to Mount Sinai for the Ten Commandment stones.  Don’t miss this, a once-in-ten-thousand-lifetimes event.  
The moon will be so big, so bright, that you won’t even need your car headlights.”
Her eyes are glued to the horizon, just above the pines.
There are benefits, she thinks.  Surely, tonight there are benefits.  So what that she cannot sleep a wink when it is dark.  So what that she cannot close her eyes at night because the dreams are way too real.  Too frightful.
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