Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Love is On Its Way

By Camincha

Walter, her Lord of the Capes, said so. So she knows, it is so.

He’ll come tonight.

Tonight he'll stay till morning for many mornings to come because that’s what her horoscope said when she tuned in to Univision CH 14 at exactly 6:00 pm by all her clocks because she always sets them 20 minutes ahead so as to be sure not to miss him. Which means 6:00 is really 5:40 and at 5:40 Pacific time precisely, Walter, Lord of the Capes, Walter, El Señor de las Capas, comes on to tell all, but especially her, what to expect in their lives.

He owns hundreds of capes. Of all colors. All, hand embroidered with precious and semi precious stones. Some wide. Enormous. When he spreads his arms they open like wings of some mythical bird in flight. Others are fitted to the body. And Walter’s body language is dramatic. His eyes and voice are paternal, benign, kind. But to her they seem more, like, well, sexy. Like inviting. And he pronounces his predictions——to her——with deep conviction.

When Walter is finished with all twelve signs of the zodiac he looks at the camera. Directly at her.
He says: receive my peace, recibe mi paz, but above all, pero sobretodo, and he now crosses his hands over his chest and then with his right hand he circles his heart while telling her: but more than anything, pero más que nada, may you receive much much, much, que recibas mucho, mucho, mucho...

He then extends his right arm towards her in a benediction. Keeps his left hand over his heart. Dramatically closes his eyes, lowers his brow. Repeats, tells her again: que recibas mucho, mucho, mucho...

She waits. She wonders.

Walter stretches the silence.

She worries. Did he forget me?

No. Finally. Walter tells her, amor, amor.

He said it. Her horoscope: Be ready. Love is on its way!

The doorbell rings. Walter?


Camincha is a pen name for a California-based writer. Her novella, AS TIME GOES BY, was published by iUniverse in November 2005. The San Francisco Bay Guardian noted: "Camincha frames the ordinary in a way that makes it extraordinary, and that is real talent."

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