Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Where There is Prayer...

There is great power in prayer.

And as photographer Gregory Shafiro's exhibit, "The Power of Prayer," demonstrates, there is great power in images of people praying, and in the ancient places where people pray.

Shafiro, who traveled to Israel to shoot the exhibit, writes, "Jerusalem, the city of peace, stands as a spiritual lighthouse to the entire world. Despite a history of turmoil, one can still see the city's light continue to shine through its architecture and residents."

Visit Shafiro's website, and a gallery of stunning photos taken in Israel!



White Chocolate said...

I have been to the exhibit and it was wonderful. I remember some of the places where these pictures were taken. There is one other picture of the soldier praying against the Wall.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Show at NAC I highly recomend everyone to go and see it. The show is inspiring and moving

Anonymous said...

Hi This is Saravanan From India.

I have been working with for him. He is a great Photographer and he is traveling around the world and taking photos.

I am expecting an online exhibition from him