Saturday, April 25, 2009

City Living

OK, so I know life poses all kind of risks. And robberies happen everywhere, including in beautiful rural landscapes. But the last 24 hours has taken the nerve out of me.

Yesterday, grading papers at the Starbucks around the corner from me, somebody stole my checkbook and wallet out of my purse. WHILE I WAS SEATED. I know I had the wallet when I walked in because I took change out of it for a tip. And the checkbook was there too.

And then, when I got home, a two-block walk, neither was in my purse.

OK, so I was feeling rather violated by that, when this happened. The PNC bank -- right down the block from Starbucks -- got all its windows shot up and shattered early this morning. Apparently, it is the work of some dumb vandals. But it's left me feeling that my neighborhood is a tad more dangerous than I'd thought.

People told me when we moved into our trendy Logan Circle apartment that the surrounds had only recently become safe enough to inhabit. I didn't pay them much mind. After all, Whole Foods is right at the center of the block. And the sleek new gym is at the corner. Starbucks is there, and Logan Hardware, and a lovely print shop that does letter press work.

But all doesn't mean much I suppose. Those stores don't guarantee anybody's safety.

So, now what? I don't know. Time to go out to the plant store and buy a few flowers for the pots on the terrace. Time not to give in, to feeling like I want to run home to Spencertown, where I feel


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cee said...

That's one thing I've learned about life in this sub"urban" area. Gentrification can roll in, charge in, barge in, pound in, or come in however it wants. But, sometimes, aspects of what was still remain. DC is changing - slowly, but surely. Hold fast and do not be deterred. Over here in my gated situation, someone found a way to squeeze into my nextdoor neighbor's condo via a window that is only large enough for me to fit my head through. But, we hold firm.