Monday, August 17, 2009

Meet Sammy

If you were really really lucky, you would know the little boy sitting in this tunnel.

His name is Sammy and he may seriously be the cutest and most wonderful and fun-loving little boy in the entire universe.

OK, so I am a little biased.

No, I am not his grandmother. But there are so many days that I wish I were!

I am, informally, his "auntie." And so is my sister. And so are both my daughters.

We Aunties all met Sammy pretty shortly after he was born, on January 7, 2006. (My daughter, Jocelyn, an amazingly talented neonatal intensive care nurse, took care of Sammy in the Boston hospital where he was born. She later came to be good friends with his parents, Nikki and Daryn.)

Anyway, Sammy had a bit of a rough entry into the world, but when he finally got through the tough period, it was clear he was ... completely and utterly amazing and wonderful.

I offer you this photo to show how much he loves to play.

Recently, I spent a day with Sammy in Boston. We spent a good hour opening and closing the door of a closet, in which there was piled a stack of chairs.

Sammy shrieked with delight every time we closed the door. He squealed over and over again, "Bye Bye Mr. Chair."

And I laughed over and over again, every time he shrieked.

Well, so, what can I say? Sammy is pure joy. He sings on numerous videos. His favorite number these days is "Itsy Bitsy Spider," and I dare anyone to show me anyone who does a better job!

Well, so, Sammy, this blog post is devoted to you, because no matter how bad a day I might be having, when your mom sends me photos of you, I instantly smile. And sometimes, I even laugh. Out loud. I shake my head, because I think I've seen you at your cutest, and then, there is something else that you do that is over the top, even cuter.

To say that you make my day is well, putting it mildly indeed.

Sammy, the world NEEDS you. And your extraordinary humor. And your daily (hourly) performances.

You need your own website. Your own TV show. The world would indeed be a happier and better place if your face appeared daily on the evening news, in place of so many TV people that I could list here but won't. :)


I could go on and on,

but I won't, I'll just post another photo, to show your ham-it-up-Sam-in-the-back-of-Mom's car!

See, Sammy, you even make DRIVING fun!

So, keep us laughing, please. Keep showing the rest of us the way fun is done!

Big hugs,

Auntie Claudia xoxoxo

P.S. I can hardly wait to see you dressed up in your tiny suit, acting as ring bearer at Jocelyn and Evan's wedding this November. Here are my favorite photos of you and Evan and Jocelyn, soon to be MARRIED!

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