Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Painting for Rebecca and Mike: HAPPY HAPPY WEDDING!!

Dear Rebecca and Mike,

As you know, unforeseen circumstances make it impossible for me to be at your wedding this weekend. That is the sad part. But the part that makes me happy is that I have a gift for you that I know Rebecca has long wanted: a painting.

Happy Wedding Rebecca & Mike
This one, like most of my paintings, emerged in a surprising way. I had no idea it would end up the way it did, with what vaguely appear to be two figures facing each other (one female, one male.) At the beginning, (like I always do,) I was just throwing paint on the canvas to see what shape the painting wanted to be.

I don't know if I've told you about my rather unorthodox method of applying my acrylic paint. I use a credit card as a kind of painting "knife," layering the paint on thick.

But then, when it doesn't have the right look or feel, I scrape off said paint. If I still don't get the desired effect, I sometimes take the painting into the backyard and hose it down and dry it off and then apply more paint.

With this painting, maybe because it was to honor a major life event for a dear friend, I was starting to get nervous. Nothing at all was coming "right." So I went even further. I gave the painting a ritual bath! Yes, I slid the painting right into the pond in the backyard, let it lay there for a few seconds, and then I took it out and removed more paint. I was still looking for contours that would make sense to my eye.

Finally, I was ready to give up. I decided if this was a throw away, I may as well have some fun and do a crazy-looking painted frame. And in painting the frame I began to see the composition emerge.
I realized that this was a painting that was, like any good marriage, composed of two things at once: a set of vertical images divided into two, but also combined into one seamless whole. By the way, the painting stands about three feet wide and four feet tall.

May this painting always bring happiness and joy and dreams come true to your home together. I will smile every time I think of it hanging above your sofa or dining room table or your bed. (Or even if it lands in the garage, that's ok too.)  I had great great fun painting it for you, and I send it on its way now, with blessings and big wishes for health and happiness forever.

Loads of love and hope to see you soon with painting in tow,