Wednesday, October 03, 2012

WHERE DO YOU FIND MAGIC? Here are 12 photos...

By Kellie Meisl
This is a photo essay that began with the intention to find magic. Truly, when I am on my walks, or in nature, I feel the magic all around me. Nature speaks to me in so many ways. Its communication is wordless but powerful. Being in nature changes me, it teaches me, and reminds me of who I am, why I am here.  

Here's a taste of some of the magic~* for you.

{1} Polka Dots on Monarchs

{2} Painted Turtles

{3} Stools for Toads

{4} Camouflaged Caterpillars

{5} Unexpected Blooms

{6} Visiting Rabbits

{7} Hummingbirds Wearing Rubies

{8} Mushroom Roses

{9}Trees with Personalities

{10} Visiting Deer*

{11} Illuminated Heart Paths

{12} Light

*In photo ten, the deer at the end of the path is hard to see, but I included it as it has a magical little story that goes with it. I was standing on the end of the path, opposite of the deer, doing a yoga breath called "hara" breath. In hara breath you blow out with a loud sigh that sounds like a "HAH". I had my eyes closed and when I opened them, there the deer stood, we stared at each other for quite a while. I can only imagine that it came out of hiding to see what kind of animal was making that sound. 

Kellie Meisl keeps a blog called "WALK;" this photo essay appeared first in that blog.

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