Thursday, May 30, 2013

Next time...

By Camincha

It has been a long time
since she's seen a teenager eating like that:
hunched over. He ate slowly, calmly,
as if the whole world were at peace,
seen through his eyes. His movements were
precise, deliberate. Every bite he put
into his mouth he masticated carefully.

He took the teakettle and poured himself
a cup, watching the liquid fill the space
as if there was nothing more important in
the universe at that moment. It took
his complete attention. He took some sips,
they met with his approval. He sipped slowly.
Replenished the cup as needed. Savored it.

She hasn’t seen anyone so self absorbed
in a long, long time. She's forgotten that
tea is to be savored, a mudpie to be
relished slowly, reverently and calmly.

Tea and mudpie, she’ll try to remember to
savor them, to masticate them with precise
deliberate movements. Next time she will try
not to rush through the day: getting to work,
organizing files, pleasing boyfriend, checking
e-mail, getting groceries, paying bills.

Next time she'll
savor her tea, slowly, reverently, and calmly
eat her mudpie.

Next time…she'll try to be self-

Next time…

Camincha is a pen name for a prolific California-based writer.

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Anonymous said...

This—almost a poem—brings back great memories. I love it,