Friday, February 21, 2014


Pardon me for wanting to show you photos of my brand new grandson, Ronen. But the fact is, he is the most awesome child in the world. Every grandma knows that to be true about her grandchildren. :)

Only a week old, he has already wrapped each one of us in love. He is a miracle for sure.

His mom, my daughter Jocelyn, is extraordinary, caring for him, loving him, being the best mother in the world. My son-in-law, Evan, is an unbelievably supportive husband and father. What a blessing  it is to watch the two of them bonding with their newborn son.

Here is Ronen coming home from the hospital:

 Here is Ronen holding on to his daddy's chin:

Here is Ronen yawning with his Mom

By the way, Ronen is a Hebrew name which means "Song of Joy." That is surely an apt name for this tiny tune of a boy who is bringing everyone so much happiness just by being alive!


Renee Pettit said...

Wow, Claud…congratulations! Congratulations to all of you, including Ronen for being born into a loving family. And I am sure that you will be the best grandma in the world. Love to know what your grandma moniker will be. Please give my best to Jocelyn.

Kellie said...

Congratulations Claudia! Ronen a little bundle of light! Keep sharing! :) xoxoxox

Baye said...

He's beautiful, and I love his name.

Anonymous said...

He's beautiful, Claud. Congratulations to Jocelyn and to all of you.