Friday, June 20, 2014

Hummingbird Mind

There are two hummingbird feeders outside the window and

every so often, one iridescent green bird comes soaring to the feeder, setting its long thin beak into the sugary water. Sometimes, one hummingbird will dive bomb another, trying to lay claim to the feeder.

I sit in meditation near the feeders, aware of the birds as they come and go. I hear the soft thrumming of their wings as I try to stay present with the in-and-out of my breathing.

But today, like so many days, I find my mind defying all attempts to quiet it down. My mind keeps bouncing from one thought to another, chattering endlessly. It skips from thought to thought faster than the hummingbird’s wings.

It’s so difficult to meditate sometimes.

Eventually, I get up off my meditation pillow and go into the house and get my camera. I sit on the grass watching the birds, camera poised on my knee. 

But I have no luck with the photo either. (The one pictured here is one I took another time.)

Maybe I will just try meditating again later. 

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Gena said...

LOVE the painting!