Sunday, March 15, 2015

Feeding on Light

By Claudia Ricci 

Maybe because so many late winter days are white and overcast,
the dawn of a clear sunny morning brings a thrill.
No matter that there is still frigid air biting your skin if you step outside.
No matter that the sun may not last past noon.
It's still a gift to open your eyes to see the pine-treed hillside outside the window
turning gold in long lazy rays.

Downstairs, the sun streams across the kitchen, bathing the
cabinets orange. The same rays cross the threshold into the laundry room and leave a tiny square of spring green light on the washing machine.
I set my finger into that delightful green spot.
It's got promise, that spot.

The fruitbowl, with its orange, green and yellow curves and shadows, becomes a still life painting.
And in the dining room, the long strips of light spread across the rug beckon to me.
I stretch out flat in one, as if I'm lying in a chaise lounge on the beach.

I stare right into the flood of sunlight coming through the window
and I am delighted to be blinded. I smile. I think Florida, I think emerald waves and long white beaches. Palm trees and the smell of ocean breezes. Bathing suits. Flip flops and suntan lotion and the grainy touch of sand.

Maybe because this morning's light is so rare, and I know there is no holding onto it,
(just now the sun slipped behind the clouds and all turned shadow)

Every place my glances happens to land -- on deeply furrowed grey bark, on the white pond, on green pine needles --
I let my gaze dally.
The day becomes a meditation, eyes feeding on light.

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