Thursday, March 17, 2016

What a Mensch Merrick Garland Is!

Is anyone else awed by Merrick Garland -- the man President Obama has nominated to fill the  Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Antonin Scalia?

I listened to NPR 's coverage while driving to the airport yesterday morning. The President's description of Judge Garland's record and accomplishments was so impressive.
Such a brilliant mind. Such an amazing career. Such a devoted husband and father.

Oh, yeah and what else? For 20 years, Judge Garland has managed to find time to tutor second, third and fourth graders in Northeast DC in reading and math!

Judge Garland is also a man who can freely share his heart and soul in public.

After Obama's introduction, when Garland began speaking, it was clear to me from his gravelly voice that he was barely able to hold it together.

When he said that his mother was sitting at home watching TV and crying her eyes out, I got all choked up. And when he said "I only wish that we hadn't taught my older daughter to be so adventurous that she would be hiking in the mountains, out of cell-service range, when the President called," I imagined Garland answering Obama's phone call. That's when goosebumps shivered up my arms and legs. (OK, OK, I know very well that I am what my husband calls a "smush." :)

Whatever the outcome of the nomination process (and I sadly expect that the Republicans will do what they have promised and sit on their fat a----s refusing to act on the nomination), I am so happy that the President chose to introduce us to this wonderful man, who is both a highly respected judge AND the kind of guy you would love to invite over to a backyard barbecue or a Friday night Shabbat dinner. 

In Yiddish, there is a word for a person who is good and honorable and special in all sorts of big and little ways. We call that person a "mensch," and Judge Garland, that moniker fits you to a T. Now, if only we could work some magic on your behalf and see you sitting where you belong, there on the Supreme Court bench!

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