Thursday, December 20, 2018

Sunlight gratitude prayer

Soft light is starting to unfold over the meadow.

The hillside glows and the sky steadily turns more blue.
So many miracles every day to be grateful for, starting with
the night stars and the morning sunrise.
Thank you for the beauty that fills my eyes, and the love that fills my heart.
Thank you for bringing my sister back to life.
Thank you for giving us the strength to endure this awful trial.
Thank you for all the friends and family who have stood by us, praying.
Thank you for all the gifts we have, too numerous to name.
Or maybe, we should try to come up with a few.
For food, for light, for sight, for family, for mobility, for love, for flowers and
my new lemon tree.
For poetry and painting, for magic and music, for laughter and tears,
for good health and good times.
May we enjoy happy holidays and a health HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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