Saturday, May 18, 2019

What Ways Are There to Celebrate May?

In the meadow this morning are three horses brown white and grey
and today they are playing and whinnying and galloping and they just don’t stop
I think to
myself it must be
that they are feeling like me enveloped in the
warmth and
of spring.
What ways are there to celebrate May?
The dance of the hummingbirds lighting at the feeder

The sprouting of bleeding heart in the garden
The sudden appearance of a messy birds’ nest above the porch light
(with threads of blue twisted into the mix of brown twigs and grass.)
It’s just the most beautiful spring day
It is warmth and breeze and sunlight 
and a sky of blue crystalline perfection.
And whinny I would if I could to say a humble thank you God
for bringing me to this day to this season to all of my blessings
a house
my health
my grandchild
my husband
my children
my puppy dog
two sisters and a brother
a father and a mother in law
my dear friend Sharon
and on and on and on
like the endless shush and whisper of wind
the sweet twitter of birds
the scarlet tanager I saw with my very own eyes
oh and thanks too for these eyes
which help me to behold  
life and creation and bliss
and hands to write this
this poem.

Dedicated to Mary Marino and Sharon Flitterman-King, two AMAZING human beings..

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