Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"The Vain Woman and the Bird"

By Robert G. Willner

Have I forgotten?
A shameful thing to do to a vain woman.
Perhaps I will create or recreate you.
Pretty, dark hair, curling round.
Bright lips, dark eyes
Absorbing, exuding intelligence.
Throw your head back and
Laugh with gusto.
So sure are you.
Yet, you look at me as a mirror.
You seek confirmation.

Look at the toucan
Vivid, majestic,
Bright red, yellow and blue.
How could you dream
She is no match for you.
You stare and she takes flight
Beautiful, beautiful!
You would like to imitate
A vain woman cannot fly.

Robert G. Willner lives in Chatham, New York. He has been an attorney and president of a drama company called StageWorks.

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