Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Another Day of Petraeus?

Must we? Must we really sit through another whole day of
this U.S. General
and his impeccable uniform chock full of fancy rainbow-colored medals
And his endless array of graphs
showing us
that the "surge is working."

Oh pullleeez, General Petraeus,
Please don't waste your breath.
Or our precious time.
Or any more

We've lost
what is it now,
4,024 young men and women?
And we've got so many many more
suffering the
most traumatic
physical and mental,
PTSD so bad
that many have gone
totally haywire
and taken their lives.

Listening to wall-to-wall
coverage of this
committee stuff,
this endless chatter,
the TV
the internet
the radio airwaves,
is driving
and I suspect many others

You may be, as all the senators on the committees, say
an honorable man, and a terrific soldier, and a great leader.

But please,
Don't tell us that the surge may ultimately succeed.
Don't tell us that we need to tough it out and stay

We are so tired of this crock of B.S.
There is civil war in Iraq,
and after five years,
we are weary beyond belief.
This engagement of ours
this WAR
isn't working.

No. We don't need to hear
any more

We need, General,
The truth.

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