Saturday, April 05, 2008

Miracles Happen Every Day

"We look for miracles in the extraordinary, while all too often, we remain oblivious to the miracles which abound in the ordinary moments of our lives.

Our lives are drenched in miracles -- all around us and within us.

When we are bruised, what miracle heals us? When we sleep, what miracle restores us? When we see beauty, what miracle elevates us? When we hear music, what miracle moves us?

When we see suffering, what miracle makes us sad? When we give and receive love, what miracle warms us?"

What miracle is happening in this very moment, as you read these words, -- a baby's eyes -- and you understand. And you see those eyes. And you realize that eyes themselves are miracles.

What a miracle, just to be


adapted from a text by Rabbi Sidney Greenberg, Siddur Hadash

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Anonymous said...

This is indeed true. I have compiled thirty of the most stunning miracles from my own life, in my book "SMALL MIRACLES" - ISBN 1598001000 (Outskirts Press). I have sent a copy to His Holiness The Pope Benedictus XVI, which was well received.
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