Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fantastic Photos From Finland


Every once in a while when I'm perusing Blipfoto, a wonderful day-by-day posting website for photographers, I come across a photographer whose work just takes my breath away.

This happened the other day with these photos by Markku Verkasalo, who makes his home in Finland's capital city, Helsinki, where he works. He spends weekends in the countryside about 75 miles from Helsinki.

I was so taken by the photos that Verkasalo recently posted on Blipfoto -- all of them taken just in the first few days of December -- that I emailed and asked him if I could run a few in the blog.

He kindly agreed, and told me the following information about his life and photography: He is a university lecturer and researcher who rides his bike five miles in each direction to work
every day. He says that he uses photography to keep his life "fresh." "I always carry my camera, ready to shoot, in an army belt on my hips. I try to photograph intuitively. If I see something interesting I stop my bike, shoot, and only afterwards do I look to see if it was interesting. Often, after photographing my interest, I turn 180 degrees and take some more shots."

One day in the countryside he photographed at a lake, turned, and found a field, where he took some more photos. Later, after "post processing, he found that the field was most appealing:

He uses Adobe Bridge, a photoshopping program, to create paintings with his photographs. He works intuitively and lets his mood dictate the way the photos emerge.


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