Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Stars Fall From the Sky

By Kyle Easton

If you stand before me when

Time stops and the stars fall from the sky

And darkness begins to overtake the earth

And glittering stardust paints the blackness above

I will look at you and drink you deep

And you will make me brave

I will hold you close and stroke your hair

I will shut my eyes and will not care

If creation fades and God does not appear

I’ll hold you close, even as we melt away

And I’ll make you brave, so do not fear

As we stand upon the darkening earth

Under the thick black blanket of the sky

Displaying powdered remnants of golden stars

Everything we know will fade away

All that we have ever seen or touched

Evaporating, disappearing around us into the blackness

Leaving only the ephemeral dust of memories

Quickly, silently, permanently vanishing

Into the blackness waiting at the end of time.

Still, we don’t allow our souls to be darkened by fear

We keep our eyes shut now, there is nothing more to see

We do not think forwards or backwards

We have been dreaming, though we hardly knew it

And now we begin to awaken

Something within us burned so bright

That as everything else fell way, it remained

As the stars fell, and the earth crumbled, and the dream faded

Only love remains, burning fresh and bright

Piercing the darkness of endless night

And we look directly into one another

And in so doing, we can not help but become one

And so I become you, and in so becoming

Become more fully myself

And in the black nothingness of space

One small star will remain burning bright

And it will not mind the barren surroundings

Because it will have no cause to look outward

But will only exist within itself, and for itself

Where all is love, and all is bright

Where the past is neither past nor forgotten

And the future is neither here nor ignored

Where every moment burns so fresh and bright

That it burns past the end of time

So stand with me, my love, as time and creation stop

And I will love you


Writer Kyle Easton was born and raised in upstate New York, where he still lives. He attended Bates College.

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Baye said...

Beautiful--my eyes are brimming with tears.