Friday, June 15, 2012

Celebrating Simon, A Portrait

What do you do if you are a very talented painter, AND you are a grandmother of a unique and very special child named Simon?

If you are painter Barbara Willner, of Chatham, New York, you paint a delightful portrait of the delightful child, and you even make the spectacularly handsome gold frame.

You present this magnificent portrait as a gift to your daughter, who is Simon's mother.

If you look carefully at the background of the painting, you will see that it contains dozens and dozens of glowing stars.

"Why the stars?" I asked Barbara, as I marveled at her glowing portrait one day recently in her studio.

She smiled. "Because when my children were little, and they asked where they had come from, and I wasn't ready to dive into the birds and bees talk, I told them they had each emerged from a star up in the sky."

No doubt, Simon emerged from a star. Just look at him!

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