Monday, March 25, 2013

Can You Believe It? A Poem

By Camincha

The            stomach hangs
            the gut retrieves
the            heart skips a beat
            the tongue still spills
the            words of yesteryears
            the message lost
the            now not what it was
            the young man not
the            man today in here
            the bags under the eyes
the            sadness lurks behind
            the glasses that cover
the            once bright blue eyes
            the woman also not the
the            girl he knew hidden by
            the thick waist
the            dry, pale skin
            the bags under the eyes
the            lines in skin that was
            the freshness, suppleness in
the            memory only
            the long years
the            body punished but
            the heart that now skips a beat
the            heart is young still
            the one that whispers
the            heart that, cries out
            the words of love that
the            lad caught and held
            the one who smiled with
the            fresh, moist lips
             the one without grey or
the            lines that confuse
            the one she ran off with while
the            glasses hide his tears.

“...Camincha wants to take in continents and hemispheres. She is a woman of extraordinary vitality, passion and has a hunger for life. Read her, enjoy her.” Michael Krasny   KQED-FM
                   Camincha is a pen name for a writer living in California. 

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