Friday, March 01, 2013

New Paintings

In January, I started an abstract painting class with a wonderful teacher, Arthur Yanoff. I was a little embarrassed to tell him about my painting technique. I apply paint (acrylic) and then I wash off part or all of the canvas, wipe it dry, and keep painting. Sometimes I think I might lose a good painting in this process. But for now, that is how I paint. I have this feeling that a painting knows what it wants to be and it's up to me to help give birth to that image. Crazy, perhaps, but fun, too.

The painting below is one I did in class. Beneath that painting is the version that emerged after I applied my "wash it off and keep painting" technique. My painting teacher, Arthur, whose work is stunning (he has had some 75 shows, including a one-person exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston) was very receptive to my technique. In fact, he told me that Matisse used to wash down his paintings each night with turpentine, and then resume painting in the morning. 

It's reassuring to know I'm in good company. 

It's wonderful to have such a wonderfully encouraging teacher.  
The painting below was for Jocelyn and Evan, to honor their new home in Boston.

The painting below was the first version, which I did in class. The painting below that was the second (final) version. Finally, the last painting, is one I did in class yesterday. I have taken Arthur's advice and not washed it off. At least not so far.


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