Sunday, January 05, 2014

New Paintings

The abstract painting classes I have been taking this past year were terrific and helped to inspire a number of new paintings. Some people have asked me if I intend to try to sell the work and I think the answer, at least for now, is no; if someone sees a painting they want to buy, I will sell it, but I am not going to hound galleries to take my work. I am pretty certain that would take all the pleasure out of painting.

My son Noah, who lives in Brooklyn, took several paintings with him when he moved into his apartment in Williamsburg, so that is my BROOKLYN GALLERY.  Several of my paintings are hanging on the walls of my husband's study. I've also painted for my daughter Jocelyn and her husband Evan, who live in Boston, and for daughter Lindsay, who lives out in Denver, and for both my nieces.

Over the next few days, I am going to post some of the paintings that have emerged from class. I have to put in a plug for the class, which is at the IS 183 art school in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and another plug for the teacher, Arthur Yanoff, a highly accomplished painter whose work has been shown widely. He is a fabulous teacher!

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