Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So cold so cold so so so so cold...

How cold is cold is cold is cold is cold? It’s just
way way way way way way way too cold. :)
Too cold to hold the steering wheel, even with padded mittens!
So cold that fingertips burrrrrrrrn
So cold that the nose –if exposed-- quickly turns the pink of a rose.
Only stalwart birds venture out to the feeders!
Chimneys pipe out circles of hot breath.
People bundle up in so many layers of hats and scarves and hoods
that you cannot tell who they are. 
Cars don’t start
or if they do,
they groan
and squeak
in all of their metal joints
when you turn the ignition.
But then
comes a morning
like this one, the sky
as clear as blue crystal
You sigh and
you say
oh well the air might be as fierce as white cold fire out there
but it’s still one grandly beautiful day.

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