Monday, May 12, 2014

What Baseball Team Will He Root For?

Of course he's cute.  He's a baby. But not just any baby, he is my grandson Ronen, who officially turns three months old today, May 12th.

How did that three months slip away so fast?

Here he is rooting for his father's favorite baseball team.

Ronen doesn't know it, but he's got a long history of Yankee's to contend with in this family: his uncle Noah, his aunt Lindsay, his grandfather Richard, his great grandfather, Rick, and yes, his G-ma (me) too. At one point, his mother (Jocelyn) was a huge fan -- she used to wear her Yankees cap to high school in Massachusetts where there were a ton of Red Sox fans. She also had a huge stand up poster of Derek Jeter in cardboard standing front and center in her bedroom in the old days too. Alas, these days it looks like she might be switching allegiance!

But all of the rest of us are going to keep trying to persuade little Ronen to be a New York fan.

What do you the chances of us winning him over are, considering his father (Evan) will probably be taking him to Fenway before he turns one year old!

Well anyway we'll love you no matter what team you like, little Ronen.

Happy Happy Three-Month Birthday Ronen! You have made so many people so happy already!

Love, G-Ma Claudia xo

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