Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Lessons I Learn From My Dog

Poco springs to life at the littlest thing: a ball, a stick, a leaf, a morsel or crumb of bread that happens to fall to the floor.

She knows without knowing that spring is here, because -- finally -- that cold white stuff is gone. In its place is soft green grass. Now she can bullet and back and forth across the yard just to get to the other side, or, to get the treat she's been promised.

What she reminds me over and over again is how, in every single moment, there is something to marvel at and rejoice in, especially now that spring has arrived.

The daffodils.

The soon-to-be blooming magnolia.

The sturdy old maple trees, budding new leaves.

The woodpecker -- actually a pair of them -- knocking against said maple tree.

Poco teaches a simple lesson, that is, enjoy everything. So why is it I forget it so often?

Thank you Poco -- you are such a great puppy!!

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