Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Paintings for the People I Love!!

Painting for my husband's office in Washington, D.C. when he worked on health care reform in 2009. 

Painting in my son Noah's apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (he has several other paintings and I joke that he is my Brooklyn gallery :) This painting measures five feet by three feet, and is the largest painting I have done so far.

 Painted for my husband's cousin, Liz, who lives in California. The painting is three feet by four feet.

Daffodils painted for my daughter, Lindsay, who lives in Denver. Painting is three feet by four feet.

Painting commissioned by my friend Rebecca on the occasion of her wedding in Northampton, Massachusetts in July 2012.This painting measurs four feet by three feet. Do you see the couple facing
 each other? The bride wears white.

Painting for my daughter Jocelyn and her husband, Evan, on the occasion of their new apartment in Brookline, Massachusetts. This painting measures three feet by two feet. I call this my "Circus Painting."

Painted for my sister Karen, this one will hang in her soon-to-be home in Easthamption, Massachusetts.
Painting measures 20 by 24 inches. 

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Bookwoman said...

Stubled on your blog accidentally, and am thrilled by your gorgeous paintings. I like them all, love the wedding portrait, the one for your husband's office, but especially the one in Gallery Noah in Williamsburg. Thank you, and continue your good art work!
Francesca Joyce