Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Bear Sighting!!

So I was alone with our new puppy Poco
last night because my husband was out of town. Wouldn't you know she had to go outside every two hours!

About 4:30  when I took her out, I was totally freaked -- I heard this growling sound coming from the side yard where the birdfeeders are.

I grabbed Poco and ran into the house and when I looked outside I swear I saw a snout and two eyes in the porch light.

Sigh, lucky we have our darling little Poco safe and sound! We've had bear sightings before but none of them were this close a call!


Kellie said...

Growling bears are not to be reckoned with! Even though black bears pretty much leave us alone, I always think of the woman in the Catskills who was putting her garbage out, a couple of years ago now, and got cuffed by one! ;) Glad you and Poco are safe! Very sweet little pooch, great companion!

Silver said...


DogLover said...

I could definitely understand about a puppy having to constantly go out. My dog is older now, but I remember those days. However, I am just happy that I never had to worry about a bear! Glad to know that you and Poco are safe.


P.S. Poco is adorable!