Saturday, May 16, 2015

Go Away Red Bird, Please!

It isn't fun or funny anymore. I am not sure what to do about it!

I'm talking about that red cardinal
who at this very moment is knocking on my window.

He's there every single day, tapping and tapping away. Sometimes he flutters up, wings extended, and then he crashes his body against the glass as if he's trying to bust through it!

What the hay is up with this bird? It feels like aviary harassment.

Some people tell me that he is seeing his reflection in the glass. But today it's rainy, how could he possibly see anything in the glass when it is so grey outside?

It's gotten so I am not able to concentrate on meditating.

Maybe he's trying to communicate something. Or maybe he isn't really a bird, but some kind of spirit trapped in a bird's body. It's really kind of spooky.

Whatever it is, please God, please let him stop!


Arlene Symons said...

If this is aviary harrassment, I want me some! Beautiful!

Baye said...

I've also heard the reflection explanation. I had a nesting sparrow constantly attacking my window near the nest. Perhaps your movements also send the cardinal into protection mode. Maybe you should try meditating ON the bird!

camincha said...

Invite/let him in. Hv a dish of food ready 4 it. Move Ur meditating 2 another part of the house.
All the bst.

Marcia Stamell said...

Why don't you get one of those crow silhouettes that people past on picture windows to scare birds.