Friday, December 09, 2016

The Keys to Happiness

I have come here to raise my eyes.
I have come here to keep them riveted on heavenly light.
When I feel my eyes, that window, when I feel
my eyes my heart my soul closing, I take 
a small breath and say a simple prayer
Help me keep my spirits, my breath, steady,
help me keep my heart open to hope and possibility and the beauty
all around me

No matter that icicles drip
lower than the windows. No matter 
that the snow is deeper on this November day
than it is in much of January.
This is plain white, the snow the snow
the soft the soft soft soft fluff of cotton.
All is right with the world when we are
wrapped in cotton warmed by
others. Loved this way, our inner eyes 
open to the moonlit trees at night
We see pink and lemon sunrise and
turquoise oceans and cozy fires and warm foamy
baths and tender new grass and chocolate puppies 
and purple tulips and two people kissing under a starry sky.

It is a miracle that we are able to 
see what we cannot see.
It is a blessing that these tapping keys are keys
to the world of words that
can make you feel sunlight
even though it’s millions of miles away. 

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