Thursday, November 23, 2017

"Ooh, gross, he just put his hand up my skirt...That was Donald Trump"

WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW TO READ THIS POST! Keep Thanksgiving Day Dump free!

I thought I had heard it all. Somehow I thought I knew most all of the disgusting details of Donald Dump's outrageous behavior toward women.

But no.

In the video below, a woman named Kristin Anderson describes in graphic detail how Dump groped her in 2005. She didn't know him when he sat down next to her at a bar and stuck his hand up  her skirt and touched her vagina.

UNBELIEVABLE...or maybe not. It's all too believable!

So watch it.

(But don't do it today. I really mean it when I say you should focus on your family today, as I intend to do as soon as I finish this post!)

The video appears as part of The Washington Post's story on the "complete list" of Dump's abominable behavior towards women.

After you read it, share with as many people as you can. How can we possibly keep our mouths shut about this creep who absolutely does NOT belong in or deserve the dignity of the White House!!

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