Saturday, August 03, 2019


Because the lawn is burnt to a crisp.
And I can’t seem to water the plants enough.
Just now I had the hose spraying the
oval garden
when suddenly big fat raindrops
splashed my neck and arms.
Ah, but will they continue?
Lately, it seems like the sky teases us
more and more often.
There it goes turning a mighty gray
and the wind comes up and the trees
start to bend and sway and not far away

mighty thunder rumbles

and a few bold drops come swizzling to the parched earth.
But see now how the drops are already drying up
on the bluestone patio.
And that sizzling sun is squeezing out between the clouds.
Heaven’s faucet has closed.
Perhaps if I pick up that hose again
and skip and twirl and bow and shuffle and howl,
the rain will start falling once more.

HURRAH, a few hours later the dance worked wonders!

What a blessing the fresh wet air is,

What a thoroughly delightful dousing we are getting!

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