Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Staying Still

You promised yourself that you would remain calm today.
You told yourself that when the clock hit its middle hours,
a span when you cannot seem to stay focused,
a time when you aren’t sure what to do with yourself,
you would just stop.
You would focus on
your breath
in and out.
You would sit with the uncertainty, as if it were a rambunctious puppy.
You would feel the weight of the puppy and watch it squirm.
There now, see how easy it is just to
If you do anything,
go into the Sounds True app on your phone
and listen to spritual teacher Eckert Tolle talk about the
the “Power of Now,” or listen to
Buddhist nun Pema Chodron discuss
“Learning to Stay Present.”
Or tune in to teacher Jack Kornfield lecture on
“The Power of Meditation.”
In the end, they are all talking
about doing the same thing: holding steady
in the only moment we ever have,
this one,
when the sun is eclipsed by milky grey
clouds and flowers are looking slightly wilted
and the lawn is burned in places to a brown crisp.
That moment is gone and now a new one is
Here: that puppy is now five years old and she is
lying so comfortably on the carpet at your feet.

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