Monday, May 18, 2020


So can heavenly positive energy!!!!!!
May splendor greets Leah when she wakes up on Sunday morning.  She pours herself coffee and then steps outside in her blue bathrobe onto the back patio, where the hummingbirds are diving this way and that over the feeders. She selects four pansies.
each a different shade, brings them indoors and places them in a tiny glass with water. “These are for

you, Mom,” she says, as her mother always loved pansies.
She takes her coffee cup out to the glass table, and sets it down. Then she lifts both arms straight up in the air over her head, just the way energy healer Donna Eden suggests. Leaving her arms there for several minutes, her hands begin to tingle. She is receiving whatever wisdom and energy the heavens are beaming down at her. Her husband notices her outside and he joins her. They end with their hands on their hearts. And smiles on their faces.

The next morning, Leah gets up as the sky is just starting to lighten.  She goes to her meditation mat, and sits cross-legged in her bathrobe.  It's so warm outside that she opens the door. A light breeze picks up and the flame of her candle dances. She breathes.  
Out of nowhere, she whispers, “I want help."  And this reminds her of something Rebecca, her yoga and meditation teacher, suggested at the last class.
“As you sit in meditation,” she said quietly, “just ask for help.  Try to make it a kind of intention, let the request go up with the smoke of your candles into the Universe.”
Leah had wanted to call out, “And then what happens?” 
But sitting here today, she doesn't need to say or ask anything. She is content just to sit. All of it, every single thing around her, is energy. That's what all the modern gurus say. 
Recently, Leah listened to a podcast featuring Caroline Myss, the famous energy healer and medical intuitive, who says that we should imagine that we are given 100 units of energy each day. It's up to each one of us to decide how we are going to spend that energy. 
Myss says it's important that people understand that ever since 1945, when the nuclear age began, we have had a radically different conception of God. God is ENERGY and energy makes up absolutely everything in the Universe. "This is no longer an off-planet God," she says. "The Divine is in everything around us, in our blood and bones, in all of life. We are walking through and living in the Divine at every single moment."

Leah glances out to the garden. The bleeding heart has started to bloom, and it's already two feet tall. The daffodils bend in the breeze. 
She continues to breathe. Her mind keeps floating back to what Myss said about being a "co-creator" with God. How we think, how we speak, are both of the greatest importance, Myss says. "Every thought is a prayer. Every single thing you say is a prayer. Every word is a sacred act of creation."
Listening to Myss, Leah felt reassured. For one thing, Leah realizes that she isn't the only person who feels frightened. When asked how people should pray, Myss replied, "You say 'I'm scared to death. I need to get through this, whatever this is. And I don't know how. So please God reach me in Dany way you can. I have no restrictions.'"
And she said all this before the pandemic!
After meditating, Leah pours herself a glass of ice water, writes down what Myss said in her journal. She translates the last quote into Italian.

"Dici che sono spaventate a morte, ho bisogno di superare tutto ciò che è e non so come. Per favore, Dio mi raggiunga in ogni brutta giornata. Non ho restrizioni."

She thinks about her book. She wonders if she is really writing a book. It's taking twists and turns that she never expected.

But suddenly Leah is flooded with a warm certainty that nothing she writes is wasted.

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