Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Music That Calls Renata to Dance

It's called "Tinto Verano," and it is a siguiriyas, composed and performed here by guitarist Maria Zemantauski. A siguiriyas is part of what is known as cante jondo, the deepest and most tragically-intense form of flamenco. While the origins of flamenco are difficult to pin down, the music is thought to be an amalgam of many ancient cultures. Siguiriyas is heavily influenced by gypsy culture and is generally performed only by the greatest of gypsy cantaors, or singers. The guitarists and dancers also must match this profundity of expression. The hammer on metal reflects the tradition of blacksmithing within the gypsy culture. Stay tuned for Chapter Three of "Switch!!," coming tomorrow, Sunday, March 23rd, when Renata DANCES.

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