Monday, March 10, 2008

My Heart Breaks for Silda Spitzer

By Claudia Ricci

My heart breaks for her.

Her, being Silda.

The focus in all the news outlets wass, of course, on the Governor himself.

The question on everybody’s mind: whether, or more appropriately, when he would resign. How long will it would take this man to see that he had absolutely no choice but to step down.

But as I watched with millions of others as Spitzer told the world that he needed time to repair wounds with his family (how much time, bud, a millenium?) the face I watched wasn’t Eliot’s.

It was Silda’s.

I watched, in horror, as she stood there. Strained. Tired. Tragic.

She stood there. Beside her husband.

I cannot imagine how she managed to stand there, on her two feet, in her ice blue suit, without melting.

I cannot imagine having to do it, and how she felt.

How, I keep thinking,
could she do it?

And how, I keep wondering,
could he?

We will learn from her example how to handle life’s unforeseen crises, with grace, and compassion, and stoic determination.

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