Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why Would Darren Dopp Do It? Lie for Spitzer, that is...

OK, so we interrupt Switch!! --the nun whodunnit, novel-by-blog -- (SEE BELOW FOR CHAPTER THREE!!!) for this quick question: why did Darren Dopp, Eliot Spitzer's ex-communication aide, decide to take the fall for the ex-Governor last summer? Why do we ask? Because yesterday's New York Times reports that the ex-Governor apparently LIED about his involvement in Troopergate. You don't remember Troopergate? That was the scandal that preceded the prostitution ring, the thing that brought the good, I mean, bad? Governor down, down, down.

Last July, when Spitzer's office was accused of orchestrating a devious (but apparently legal) plot to use the State Police to gather embarrassing information about Joe Bruno (Republican), Spitzer blamed "Troopergate" all on poor old Darren Dopp. Dopp was suspended indefinitely, as in, fired. As in no pay. As in no money to cover the mortgage, etc. etc.

That little dirty trick was supposed to make Troopergate go away. HA!!!

At the time, Spitzer claimed the incident taught him "humility." HA HA HA HA!!! Oh my...So now, thanks to the Times, we get a little closer to the truth: it turns out that Spitzer apparently was so "spitting mad" (Dopp's quote) at his Republican rival, Joe Bruno, that the Guv himself OK'ed and orchestrated Troopergate! (Is anybody really all that surprised?)In the Times' story yesterday, Dopp's wife is quoted as saying that Spitzer repeatedly phoned the Dopp's home last year pushing to know when the embarrassing story about Bruno would appear in the newspaper. Is he for REAL?

But as we get closer to the truth, ah, the truth eludes us once more. This is the question: why did Dopp decide to play fall guy for the ex-Governor's misdeeds? What incredible mind maze made this basically decent political functionary decide to play along? Was he just plain scared of what the big steamroller would do to him? (He'd already taken his income and job away???) Why was he so terrified to be the one to expose Spitzer's lies? I saw a photo of Darren Dopp in the Times yesterday and he seems like such a nice guy. So tell us, Darren, why why why would you lie for this Governor? Maybe you should write a book, or at the very least, a blog entry. Hey HERE's AN IDEA, DARREN: POST IT RIGHT HERE??? :)
Now back to the novel-in-progress, Switch!!, which is all a maze of lies itself :)

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