Monday, January 26, 2015


It occurred to me as I stared out at the feeders today,
that there are way too many bluejays,
and too many chickadees,
scarfing up the black-oiled sunflower seed.
They are both so common and they eat so
darn much of the pricey feed that I have a hard
time appreciating them.

Meanwhile, the visit from an amazing red-bellied woodpecker
this morning made my bird feeder day.

So here is my question:
if the red-bellied woodpeckers
were as plentiful as
the bluejays and chickadees, and the bluejays and chickadees
were as rare as
the red-bellied woodpeckers...

You get the picture.
I'm pretty sure I would be delighted with blue jays and

Realizing this, I try to remind myself to be grateful for all of the
birds that visit. Every single thing in nature is a miracle.

P.S. Meanwhile, bluejays have rich symbolic meaning. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

The more the merrier at our bird feeders. All are welcome. I do feel bad when a flock of starlings takes over. Fortunately that doesn't happen often. Watching birds at feeders is one of my favorite experiences in winter. We can't keep feeders up in spring due to bears.

joni d. said...

Reading your post made me think of my dear friend Alan who used to send me poems about the birds in his garden. He was no longer able to draw at that point, and was pretty much confined to his home because of the complications with his illness so he started writing. When I allow myself to stop thinking and fretting and just be, my favorite non-doing pastime is to watch the many wonderful birds outside my window.