Friday, April 06, 2012

AMAZING LIBRARIES? How about the traveling donkey library

By Claudia Ricci

One thing I love about MyStoryLives is how contributors from different parts of the courntry, or the world, read something they like in the blog, and then connect with each other.

Take the case of the tiny free library in Spencertown, yesterday's post by David Seth Michaels. His brilliant idea, to turn a tiny unused wooden bus stop kiosk into a lending library touched several readers, including frequent-MyStory contributor Camincha, a Peruvian-born woman who now makes her life in California. Camincha wrote in:

"Sending books within few days. Years ago read a story about kids in Lima,Perú doing something like this, a traveling library, now I can actually contribute. Most grateful to all. Pls let David know. Commas & periods 2 U, Camincha"

Naturally I sent that to David, who responded with more information about the traveling Peruvian library:

"I think the traveling library from Peru was a guy with a donkey. It was called Biblioburro and yes there's a youtube:

Wonderful video. Wonderful connections. Let's hear it for libraries. And for all the people who read and write and share their stories.

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