Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Anima Espanol"

By Noah Kirsch

either way its okay,
you’ll wake up with yourself

your soul will surround you,
the crutch of your existence

it is your soul that delays the thirst,
when in the heat of Spain,
flamenco guitars strumming to the sound of maracas,
Spanish women waving paper made fans,
heels clicking the floor,
you’ve never seen such a thing before

one hundred and thirty degrees,
your eyes scorch when you read the thermometer,
your mind gets lost converting Celsius to Fahrenheit,
your forehead drenched in sweat,
your nose engulfed in the scent of beer and sweat,
your mouth parched,
your legs numb,
your soul lost in the moment,
you feel no pain

your soul is as alive as a waterfall,
as damp as dew on a summer morning,
curious what will come next,
your emotions are flowing

you don’t wake up,
there is no reason to,
when you wake up you’ll be in your bed,
once again trapped inside your head

your conscious mind will question it the next morning,
your mind will tell,
that the soul of Sevilla,
was just a dream

your conscious mind will tell you,
you’ve never been to the place,
where you disappear in the moment

but your soul,
your soul will tell you the truth

you were there,
it was real

but your body, where was that?

Noah Kirsch is a student in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He made his first trip to Sevilla, in southern Spain, last August.


Guai Ren said...

i especially like the third stanza, where you used "your" repetitively. I like how it has a pattern, but the emotion keeps getting more intense.


SorellaPiccola said...

Noah...that is amazing. You made pictures in my head! Just like your Mom does when she writes her beautiful words.

I had no idea you were a poet...