Monday, July 17, 2006

"Magic Healer"

By Howard Halligan

Sara Strongheart Historian came into my life seemingly by chance. But in retrospect, I think her emergence was all part of some grand plan that I had created for my salvation.

As her name suggests, she possesses great strength, a strong heart and an amazing sense of history. In particular she knew exactly where my energy and creativity were blocked.

Sara told me she had a magical glove encrusted with jewels, each of which radiated an energy vibration that could awaken the chakras, the vital energy centers along my spine. After putting us both into a hypnotic trance, she placed the glove, which was now glowing with radiant colors, on her right hand which she slowly moved along my spine. As she did this, my mind saw a kaleidoscope of colors, ever changing with an intensity and beauty I had never seen before.

Ever since, I have felt a gradual realignment of forces within me. Some of these sensations felt like a release of captive energy; others the infusion of energy and vitality and yet others have felt like a calming of a turbulent sea. The flow of colors in my mind seemed to represent all of these states and several others that I can’t find words to describe. At least, not yet.

Afterwards, for several days I continued to experience colors and images and ideas and memories, some pleasant and some seemingly scary although they did not evoke fear within me.

I knew I was experiencing a process that had been excited by Sara’s magical glove. Her belief in its power and in her ability to share that power with me stimulated the healing process within me.

In the weeks that followed, Sara continued to treat me using her wondrous glove and the wisdom of her knowledge which she told me she had gleaned from various historical spiritual writings from antiquity that had strengthened her heart and inspired her to commit to healing herself by healing others.

Howard Halligan is a writer in Delmar, New York. He has worked for many years in the field of substance abuse. This piece emerged in a workshop called "Write Your Heart Out," intended to help participants use writing as a healing tool. Sarah Strongheart Historian was the muse created by the workshop participants to guide the healing. For more information on the workshops, contact

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