Saturday, July 22, 2006

"Escape," a community poem

Thanks to all of you who contributed your wonderful words to this poem!

At the point of escape
colors are explosive
blue as hot as red
sharp shapes shout.

My hair's on fire
And the ocean is too.
I hope for rain but
carry water and
cosmic energy rays.

Rage rises, freeing up space.
Emotions merge.
Manna rains down, nourishing souls
Minds grow.

Hello GOD! I am one of your Meek.
When do we get our inheritance?
"sands in the hourglass" cliché???
and genuine statements: "drops in the desert"???
16 milimeter glory that
our flatline color explosion,
a depth of earth.
An unpredictable but beautiful future
human between sky and earth
a man, a column

Expect a mix of sun and clouds today,
with skies clearing, and later, a
percent chance
of inutterable exultation.

Ah, Atlas is finally free
oh happy oh happy oh happy day.
It has been a very good day
can't you see it in the sky?

I embrace the sky and the hills
in this the valley where we live.
Remember those not so fortunate.
Where have all the lovers of peace gone?
We have art. We have war.
We need music.


johanna said...

Hello Claudia,
Good idea! Good Poem! Good Show!!

ClaudiaR said...

Dear Dylis, You are a fabulous poet. In this poem, you make us really feel the devotion and dedication that a young Buddhist would feel toward her ancestors and traditions. I wish you all the best at Stanford and beyond.

Anonymous said...

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