Thursday, January 24, 2019

Buzzing Inside

Outside the sky is dripping white ice.

Inside, it’s so nice and cozy here by the fire of the words
that are steadily burning.
What a yearning I have to share this feeling that
gallops throooough me this morning.
Try this: close your eyes and focus for a moment on your fingers.
Linger there.  
The energy may come up as a buzzing
or a gentle tremble.
Keep your mind there but now stare into your toes.
And after a bit, go now to your feet.
Can you see where this is leading?
Hands. Legs. Arms. Torso. Head.
No matter how busy you are today, stay alive to your body.
Pause for a moment whenever you can and
just breathe and just feel steadily grateful for that breath.
Let the lung air wander through your body.
So when the weather outside is so much
worse than frightful
we can keep paddling along inside
finding new life in the wave of every single moment.

With thanks for inspiration in part from Eckhart Tolle, especially his book, "The New Earth." Do yourself a giant favor and read it!

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