Thursday, March 07, 2019

Surrender to Blue

At first there is a curved rim of grey,
And no matter how much light I see inside the ring,
there is  
that edge that stays
and I wonder
to myself
how I will ever get rid of this stubborn shadow?
I continue breathing and breathing, just focusing on love on love, 
on blue on blue,
and in some moment it occurs to me 
that I can let the dark ring sit there, and just BE, I can stare at it, and
stare at it and stare and smile, and
it’s right there, I swear I can still see it
even as I focus on love on love on love on love 
on golden light
I watch and feel that light that heat crawl wider and wider around my heart see it holding more and more
LOVE. Let it flow boldly now,
if you let it, love swells and swells and swells inside and all around. 
My chest glows in every direction my body grows lighter and lighter
and warmer and warmer until I feel it in my shoulders and hips
Lips knees elbows eyes teeth toes and belly.
One more morning, the ring disappears. I make the transformation to blue
by surrendering.                       

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