Thursday, April 04, 2019

Rejoicing the Pond

I sit here pondering
my pond.
I sit here trying to
find just the right words
to describe
the precise shade of its
grey green surface.
Not silvery,
except for spots
at certain angles.

Not pewter,
except now and then
when the light disappears
pewter fits a large patch.

I could say the pond is the
color of an elephant's
hide but then I'd have
to say that doesn't
capture the way the sunlight
plays in winter, skating
across the absolutely
smooth and frozen crust of water.

Why am I so hellbent
on communicating the color
of the pond? Why
am I compelled to freeze into words
the warm excitement I feel staring
out the window at this sight? 
It has everything to do with
the play of light.

Still, I ought to stop trying
to find the right words
and just let my eyes settle
and fill with the awesome 
beauty of the water.
I move my
mind to the bench and there,
I pull my bathrobe tight and
breathe in the breeze and 
rejoice in the pond and the glowing sunlight
turns the surface white
and slightly mirrored.

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