Thursday, September 12, 2019

Living in Dad's Light

Living in Dad’s Light

The tiny pink roses
\\\ that lay on the casket/// are dried now.

Raising this question for me: how do we keep Dad’s spirit
alive now that it’s been four weeks since he passed?  I only 
know this much: I see him in every Rose of Sharon.

I see him in the deer that creep closer to the house.
I see him in bright orange Monarch butterflies that light on the bee balm.
I see him in hummingbirds that come especially close.
I see him in blazing sunsets
and lacy cloud patterns

illuminating the sky. I watch him in hawks that dance on the wind gusts.
I feel him in my heart every time I go quiet and breathe slowly.

This morning, he was in the brightly colored umbrella

That protected me from a heavy downpour. Mysteriously, a man at the restaurant where we
had Dad's funeral luncheon just handed me that umbrella 
and told me I could keep it.

I saw Dad quite literally (in army uniform)
an hour later this morning when I went to the mailbox and opened
a package from that same restaurant where we left one of Dad's photos.

Dad was an expert in
energy and electricity
he didn’t
believe in “God.”
He was a materialist. 

But now that he knows better I’m so glad to let him show me the myriad miracles that happen all around us each day.
Baby Dani and Lily carry Dad forward.
Every time we remember something Dad did or said. Every time we look at him in photos. Or read something that he wrote.

Every morning
I use his frying pan
and the eggs have never tasted so good.
I have his turquoise
dish towel.
And his sky blue
And the lime green

cardboard box
that he fashioned out
of Amazon boxes and glue.

Let us hold him close in our hearts and let him start to show you all the magic that he carries
through the Universe.
He is PURE LIGHT now, DAD is the energy that FUELS THE VERY ESSENCE
Of you and Me.
I pray that we all might stay focused on that everlasting mystery
that is his [[[[[Spirit.]]]]]]]]

September 12, 2019

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