Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Haiku for a Sunny Cloudy Day


Sun spilling through clouds

Moment by moment they change

Fill up your mind's eye

Late fall cosmic sky

Waking up to such splendor

Spend all day gazing

Pink streaks the blue sky

Is God writing her Name?

Black ink, horizon.

Haiku is a traditional style of Japanese poetry that has 17 syllables. In Japanese haiku, all 17 syllables appear in one line, while in English, haiku is split into three lines of five, seven and five syllables. Haiku, which originated in the 1600s, is often written about nature.


Jo Kirsch said...

I live these. Each beautiful. Truth.

Jo Kirsch said...

Oops supposed to say love. But live works too.

Claudia R said...

YOU DO LIVE THESE JO! so cool you wrote that! 💜🔥🤗🙏💙