Friday, February 19, 2021


Daylight all in white. Ice. 

Leah steps outdoors in her bathrobe and slippers. 

She shuffles forward. Stands. In the snow, falling like a mist.

Leah breathes in the cold humid air. Feels it refreshing, there in her nostrils.

She sings out:


She chants over and over.

The red-bellied woodpecker dances on the feeder.

Then the nuthatch. Chickadees. Always the chickadees.

Leah comes back indoors. 

"It looks like the Buddha has a robe on. A hat and a robe."

She says that, inhaling deeply.

She keeps feeling the warm pool awash inside.

Her core is no more


Il suo nucleo non é piú 


And when Leah speaks as I do now, it is with a

whole healed voice.

E quando Leah parla come faccio ora, é con una voce

completamente guarita.

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Renee (Geel) Pettit said...

That is lovely, Claud. I feel Leah's sensations and I adore the musicality of Italian.