Tuesday, July 13, 2021


A few minutes ago when I didn’t know what else to do with myself

I stepped outside the back door and just stood in front of the billowing


as red as the plump raspberries that I had just popped into my mouth for breakfast.

Oh but the flowers were surely nutrition too:

with their bouncy spirit and shaggy petals

they look like tiny shafts of scarlet lightning exploding out of a towering stem.

What an excellent reminder to


every moment today.

Flowers, says Eckert Tolle, are ready gateways to our spiritual life.

So fragile and fleeting, only lasting for a few brief days (oh but the beebalm stay for weeks!)

these docile blossoms remind us of the 

cosmic majesty of every living thing

that comes to BE and

disappears in no time at all.

Like all of nature, BEebalm call to us with their audacious PRESENCE!

At times like these, my head spins when I try to take in

the enormity of life forms that cover our mysterious planet.

I get the same kind of breathtaking headwhirl when I glance down at a butterfly landing on a flower.

And then too, my heart flutters when I stare at the hummers dancing and divebombing at the feeders.

Or gazing up  at the night sky at the stars. How do we wrap our

minds around the power and beauty and the wonder of Mother Nature and the Universe?

By closing our eyes and going inside ourselves to witness that very same STILLNESS that fills the world.

Back to the beebalm.

Thank you God for giving us these blossoms that are so jazzy and yet so calming too.

Thanks for kissing these shaggy flowers into existence and for all YOU do!

And especially, for letting Tuesday be another day of magic.


Kathy Joy said...

Ohhhhh, I love this!
Especially this: "Like all of nature, BEebalm call to us with their audacious PRESENCE!"
Our audacious presence.
As always, you spin words into delicious taffy; I want to hold them in my mouth and repeat their sweetness.

Keep sharing your audacious MOMENTS with us, your grateful readers!

Claudia R said...

Hi Kathy - thank you for this exuberant reaction! I miss our chats and texts! thank you so much for being such a source of joy and inspiration 🐶💓🥰❤️❤️