Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ticked Off

Up in the sunny green field
Are two deer walking through the
deep unmowed grass.
Actually, now I see
three, a little one too.

White tails swish.

I wish I could look at those
deer and not be afraid
of the ticks they carry.
But there is this fact:
Like most of my neighbors,
I've got Lyme Disease.
Wicked fatigue, achy joints
six weeks of turquoise pills
will make you hate the sight
of those tawny deer,
even that innocent spotted fawn.

Beneath my hatred, though,
is plain old fear.
I am scared of grabbing weeds
without gloves or
lying in the grass or
exercising beside the pond.
walking across the damn lawn

It's hard when your yard
suddenly becomes so dangerous.
The deer love the green apples that fall
from our trees and I really used to love
them visiting the yard.
Now they feel like enemies
invading my territory.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I got it too, five years ago, in my back yard in Guilderland. Still love my garden, but I weed with gloves, long sleeves, long pants. And check myself for ticks every evening.

Take care, you're not alone.